Extra Credit: Katelyn Campbell

A high school senior in West Virginia is making all feminists proud. Katelyn Campbell is raising an injunction against her principal for threatening to call her future college and say she had bad character. She refused to go to an event thrown by the school which just so happened to be a sexual education assembly presented by a very conservative woman, named Pam Stenzel. Katelyn refused to go to this abstinence only assembly. Her principal said that yes they differed in view but that it was okay. But he tried to call Wellseley College and tell  them of her standoffishness. Katelyn hopes her injunction will keep her freedom  of expression in the school  and she hopes to keep her ideals of the freedom of speech. Wellseley tweeted that they were excited to have her come to their college after standing up for what she believes in. I think this story is both sad and amazing

Sad because her principle is so closed minded that and abstinence only speaker was invited. And then he is getting a bad rap now for forcing those who don’t want to go things at  his school that they are forced to go. We talked about in class not slut shaming and how if you want to have sex it is your decision and you can define it as a relationship or as not one. Sex is your right and your power and is supposed to be your own and is incredibly important to a later decision  if this is not in your control there will be less fighting and etc. I hope that her school considers the face that the policy was bad enough a high school student notices.

This girl is so brave to be able to do something like that and not fear the repercussions. She is inspiring to me. I am so happy that there is hope yet for this world and culture whn I hear stories like this. I hope that young people continue to speak out against limited sexual education and a good lecture about life and how it works.

I wish I had the courage to do that in my sex ed classes but often my teacher was the one who allegedly did the crime of being with a student. West Virginia watch out you have a raging feminism  support group now that this is public so be prepared for equality and intersectionality it will come knocking at the door.


Reflection Post

Engaging in activism has been challenging and rewarding. I have learned so much and there are a couple of times I remember engaging in activism besides in these posts. I have been watching more of what I say and how I say it trying to make sure I use sex and gender appropriately and correcting people within reason when they use them interchangeably because if you don’t clarify it could be really messy. I am also trying to use the term partner more often so that I can be a safe person for those whom are in the LGBT community. I want to be as safe for my friends as I can possibly and I want them to trust me enough to come out if they want to. I have many friends who are LGBT and they are some of the greatest people I have ever met. Also being in a Disney Cast Choir for a couple of years you start to become friends with tons of LGBT folks because Disney is very supportive. Also I have had one of my friend say things like “That’s gay.” And I responded with is that really an insult or a bad thing?  To me it is not so expand your vocabulary.  This was one of my old church friends and he was using the term in a negative connotation when it shouldn’t have a connotation it should just be a word that accurately describes. I tried participating in Day of Silence in which is a day that you can be silent all day in memorial of those who are bullied and have died because of bullying in  schools in the LGBT community put on by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. All of these things have led to forms of resistance form those who did not agree or those who don’t believe in these things. For example severe chastisements from a friend for thinking that sex and gender were different and that they are the same thing. I think two of my biggest new life goals is to get all my work done and be happy with my life. Something I have come across and have been trying to be better about it the fact that we as  women judge other women so incredibly harshly I found this photo             

Why does it matter where she wears her skirt it is hers she can wear what she wants when she wants. I think it definitely represents some of the topics in Chapter 5 about incribing gender on the body and what is wrong or right to look like or to weigh.                  I believe it is true we have become more and more obsessed with our looks. Which is no good thing in this much coverage everything is good in moderation. But it is sad that most tumblrs are pro anarexia or pro bulimia or self harm.The media is pushing and pushing women and soon women are going to break form this “trend”. It is unhealthy it is un desirable to do anything that could harm you in any way shape or form. These things are not okay in any sort of way we are pushing women into depression and anxiety for what reason? To comply with what society wants? That is just silly. Society is not the smartest ever you need to make up your own mind and I hope that it is helathy and happy. Make sure to rest  and eat and exercise and you are good not matter what your looks are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Extra Credit

Destructive and abusive relationships are becoming the norm in this Rape Culture and it not healthy nor beneficial to anyone. We even are telling our youth that these things are okay. That destructive relationships are the ideal. In the Twilight Series their relationship is the definition of abusive. So here is a statistic , 83 percent of men said some women just look like they are asking for it that is one of my biggest pet peeves is that men say oh well she was dressed provocatively so she should expect advances. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing no clothes or all the clothes if someone assaults you then you need to go and tell someone see what they think and then go and get tested just in case. There are slut walks that are amazing now all over the world. People walking with signs that say things like “Oh did her clothes provoke you well your stupidity provokes me.” And etc.

There is a big problem in the way that people treat victims. It is no their fault nor will it ever be. People slut shame all the time and it is unacceptable. This woman and all the others like her did not deserve to be violated and have their control and power taken away from them by force. It is a huge detriment to someone’s spirit when they believe they have no power over their own lives and are so incredibly scared if it is done by someone they know and have to see on a day to day basis. Just because you know about the danger doesn’t mean in wont come to you. We as women pass so many judgments on each other calling the other slut or whore or bitch for no reason other than we can, other than it makes us feel better to think we are more superior.

This is what are culture is. This is our rape culture and this is what it can do to you. I think it time to take a step back and pause and think about ways in which this inst the case in which we can fix this culture make it more safe make it more loving make it more consensual make it more ous and not something that we are ashamed of. Let our culture beign to be something that we can be proud of instead of embarrassed by.

Second In-Class Blog Response: A Woman I know.

For this in class response post we are supposed to interview a woman we know. So I picked my mother. She is an elementary school teacher and has been a teacher for thirty years and will be retiring at the end of this year. This is a very stereotypic job for women. Because in education men become teachers as the children get older. For example there are not many male elementary school teachers because people are afraid of them being pedophiles but men out populate women very much so in a college setting because professors are supposed to be more educated in which in our androcentric society exalts men to be the more highly educated. The wage difference between school teachers which is a stereotypical women’s profession and professors which is a man’s domain is astounding. Though some would say that elementary school teachers have more important jobs because they are to build the stepping stones a child is to work off of for the rest of their life.


What has been your experience as a woman in the workforce?  What kind of jobs have you held?

It has been a challenge because I believe that teachers especially of those at a young age have their work cut out for them. I worked at a movie theatre, as a lifeguard, as a box office member, and as a teacher.

How do people treat you in your job? Do you think there would be a difference if you were a man?

In my current job people treat me very indifferently because nowadays if you tell a parent their child is not an A student and the most pleasant little angel they get very upset with you.  My administrators I think are sad to see me go on one hand because they like to work with me or so they say. But it will be cheaper for the school to hire on a new teacher without as much experience because their pay is much lower than mine. When it is usually because they are just not at a level to move on or they don’t present perfect work or that they have temperament issues especially in a social setting such as the classroom.

Yes I believe there is a major difference I think parents would be more understanding if I were male because then they wouldn’t think it is just because I don’t like their child or and holding some kind of grudge against them for acting out in class.

 Have you ever experienced gender discrimination or sexual harassment on the job?

I have experience gender discrimination because my colleagues who are men get paid more because there are less men who work in my field. In my earlier job of lifeguard I did experience sexual harassment not to badly but being in a red bathing suit all summer seemed to draw men’s attention to me more.

Who does the housework in your home? How are housework duties divided up among family members? How do you feel about this division?

I do almost all of the housework in my home. I do all the wash, laundry, and cleaning, baking, dishes. I take care of the animals. I do all the household chores and decorating.  My husband cooks almost all of the time and takes out the trash but that’s about it my two girls only clean their own rooms and bathroom. I feel like it’s a little unfair because I have had a steady job for the past thirty years and my husband has not and yet I still have to do all of the work.

Research Post: Intimate Partner Violence

You know that issues regarding to women are a big deal when on the white house main page it is one of the issues. Intimate Partner Violence is a major problem in United States today. The definition used by the National Violence Against Women Survey is “rape, physical assault, and stalking perpetrated by current and former dates, spouses, and cohabiting partners, with cohabiting meaning living together at least some of the time as a couple.(Tjaden and Thoennes) ” The statistics are astounding; though the statistics are a lot lower than the overall rate of sexual assault, which is one in three women will be assaulted or battered in their lifetime, in the US because it is just focused on Intimate partner violence.  In 1990 Koss did a study which stated that twenty five to thirty three percent of married couples experience intimate partner violence sometime in their relationship.

            Researchers had to figure out a way to study this problem. One of the most significant tests to come out of this mess of violence is the Conflict Tactics Scale designed by Strauss in 1979, which is used to measure how volatile the tactics are of people in the conflict (McHugh and Frieze 2006). The subjects are in separate places to describe he or she did in conflict with the other and to describe what their partner did. They are then scored by how many violent actions they did and how extreme their action is. This test is used over and over by researchers to help them compare data and collect it in and easy to understand way. Yet it does not quite fit the match to correctly describe intimate partner violence because it is not specific to those whom are couples. Since this first test better measures such as the Spouse Abuse Index have been created.

Something that is incredibly bothersome when talking about Intimate Partner Violence is the victim blaming that goes along with it(Weust 1999). People always ask or state well why doesn’t he or she just leave? Though it is not that simple if you are in an abusive relationship it is hard to let go because you love them, or you have nowhere to go, you have no other friends because they have cut you off, because you are afraid you will not succeed and what those consequences will be, you are afraid your support system will not understand, you have the same bank account and will have no money if you leave, etcetera. It is not the victims fault for being battered or assaulted; it is the attackers fault always (Frieze 1979).  The attacker made the decision to hurt the victim in whichever way they choose whether it be emotional, psychological or physical. So why is it that the first thing that comes out of anyone mouth when they hear about someone in an abusive relationship is, “Oh, well that is no good they need to leave their partner.” It is not that easy nor will it ever be.

Overall Intimate partner violence is an issue in the United States because it is affecting our population and very negatively resulting in psychological and emotional disorders, physical harm, rape, and even death.



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Subersive Media: Don’t Be That Guy

In Ottawa Canada their police force did a really amazing thing as a part of their sexual assault awareness month they came out with a campaign called Don’t Be That Guy. It is a campaign to stop sexual assault from happening especially in the 18-24 age range.

This campaign was their response to the fact that sexual assault had risen 30 percent in their area and that half of those were alcohol related. This is subversive media because mainstream media is almost always 99 percent sexualized. There are commercials, billboards, movies, and TV shows that all encourage treating women as object and dehumanizing them which overall leads to assault. There are tons of statements out there that say women shouldn’t dress the way they do or act the way they act because that will get them assaulted. And that is just ridiculous. The Ottawa Police decided that women shouldn’t have to protect themselves but to make men more aware that it is not okay to do that. It is a good perspective on this issue I believe because it shouldn’t be a woman’s job to protect herself from getting assaulted. For example here at Berry we have a women’s self-defense class and it is incredibly sad that Berry thinks they need to give their female students that protection. It shouldn’t be that women can’t go out alone to a dance or a bar or a grocery store or wherever and be afraid of being sexually assaulted. One out of three women are assaulted. One out of three I know at least 5 rape survivors out of my about 10 friends and that is half. Half of my closest friends have experienced this and told me about it Im sure that more of my friends have been assaulted either not knowing what the definition of  sexual assault actually is or just because it is extermrly hard to tell someone about that . And that I sincerely believe that is complete and total bullshit. I know for a fact that those incidents changed my friend’s lives emotionally, mentally, and physically and not for the better. These women did nothing to deserve this and their cases range from childhood abuse to relationship abuse to just a random stranger picking a girl up at a bar. It can happen anywhere and that I think is the scariest part.  And this campaign is a good step forward in educating those who just don’t quite understand that it is not okay to have sexual relations with someone in any way unless they give consent. Respect and communication are the foundations of good relationships. And that is what the Don’t Be That Guy campaign promotes being responsible and just because she’s been drinking doesn’t mean she wants sex. This campaign is a great way to spread awareness maybe we need to run a similar campaign here at Berry because unfortunately it happens here to. Here is some food for thought The Ottawa Police took a poll of 100 guys and almost every single guy said “Oh I know a guy who did that.” or “I’ve done that.”

Paul Ryan trying to pass Sanctity of Human Life Act

Currently Paul Ryan, Wiconson Representative, is trying to pass yet again a Sanctity of Human Life Act (mind you there are only two bill that he ever intiated and got passed which were one dealing with and excise tax on arrows and one was renaming a post office.) Here is an excerpt ”

In the exercise of the powers of the Congress, including Congress’ power under article I, section 8 of the Constitution, to make necessary and proper laws, and Congress’ power under section 5 of the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States–

(1) the Congress declares that–

(A) the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being, and is the paramount and most fundamental right of a person; and

(B) the life of each human being begins with fertilization, cloning, or its functional equivalent, irrespective of sex, health, function or disability, defect, stage of biological development, or condition of dependency, at which time every human being shall have all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood; and

(2) the Congress affirms that the Congress, each State, the District of Columbia, and all United States territories have the authority to protect the lives of all human beings residing in its respective jurisdictions.”

So it is declaring that no matter what once an egg is fertilized that then is has the right to live. Even if the fetus dies this implies that the mother has to carry the baby to term. You are not allowed to have an abortion no matter what. Under this bill a rapist could sue their victim for the right to have their fetus. That is not okay in any sort of way. This could be so incredibly harmful to women. Yes mainly to women but that is because they are the one who carries the child. If you have to carry a baby that is there because somebody raped you…that is just ridiculous. Or if you have complications that the fetus’s life is more important than your own hundreds of women die this way already, the number would only increase. Or if you have to carry a dead baby inside of you for 9 months. Don’t you think that would be a little emotionally scarring? This bill should not be passed there is no reason to emotionally, mentally, and physically scar women in such a way that would cause an even bigger epidemic of depression, homelessness, orphans, and death.

So let’s hope the United States is smarter than this. That this Sanctity of Human Life Act does not get passed though our House of Representatives.